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Solenoid Valve Coils

Have you ever used an industrial air hammer? Have you ever understood an electric bell assembly? If you see all these, then you probably know what a solenoid valve is. Solenoid valve coils are electromechanical valve that are controlled by stopping or running an electrical current through a solenoid, in order to alter the state of the valve. It is a coil of wire that is magnetized when electricity goes through it. Moreover, these Solenoid valve coils mainly consists of copper wire wound around a tube so when electric current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is created.


  • This is offered in various voltages, IP protection levels, sizes, temperature ratings and power levels.
  • Available for both DC and AC electricity
  • Made with common materials are stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic
  • Used in fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems, to fluid power motors and larger industrial valves.