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Ignition Transformer

When the mixture of air and fuel is compressed by the piston in the combustion chamber, its engine requires to ignite the mixture. This job is performed by the engine’s ignition transformer. It produces a high voltage (approximately 10,000 volts) that’s used for creating a spark which jumps the gap amidst the ignition electrodes. This ignition transformer is used for augmenting the voltage which is supplied by the original electric source to the voltage needed by the ignition electrodes. Its main components are the spark plug, ignition coil, power source, spark plug wire and the triggering switch. All ignition systems will contain these basic components.

  • This transformer is completely fit for burner
  • It is computer controlled and contained no moving parts, so dependability was improved.
  • It required no maintenance except replacing the spark plugs.
  • Its design completely eliminates the high tension spark plug wires for better consistency.